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We are actively looking to connect with hosting locations around the world in order to bring SRT into your area!

Q. Who Can Host?


A. Any gym, fitness or yoga studio, or therapists who have a location and space and meet the needs for our clinics.

Q. What Is Required?

A. Stretch or massage tables would be needed. 1 table per 2 students. (4 to 8 tables)

Q. What Is Attendance Requirement?


A. A minimum of 8 participants registered beforehand, and a max of 16.

Q. What's Provided in Clinic?


A. All participants will receive a PDF digital SRT manual, access to our online reference videos for the course, a printed certificate of completion, access into our SRT specialist FB group, advertisement on our website as a certified SRT specialist with links to their own social media and contact. Ongoing support.

Additional - May purchase an SRT provider plaque for office or wall and may use

logo to print on clothing.

Contact us today if you would like to discuss hosting us in your area!

Gym owners we would love to collaborate with your team today!

Disclaimer. SRT is based in Emotional, Energetic and Physical realms. It is done with the clients fully clothed and is categorized as "assisted stretching." We do not diagnose or offer medical advice, and as with any form of therapy, all due diligence should be done by the professional before any services offered, which include scope of practice and liability insurance.


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