Two Day Clinics - Lower and Upper Body
(In-person & Online) (9am - 5pm)
One Day Clinic - Physical Assessments Online (9am - 2pm)
One Day Clinic - Emotional & Energetic Online (9am - 2pm)
Basic Anatomy & Fascia Quiz - No Cost


Please Note: If doing a payment plan, the final payment must be made before your clinic date

and you will be responsible for making the payments within 4-6 weeks of each payment. 


The Lower Body Clinic: (Two Days) Sat 9-5pm / Sun 9-3pm

This clinic must be attended FIRST in your journey with SRT. The focus on this clinic revolves around the introduction to SRT Philosophies, Tissue Assessment, and applications that involve the hip capsule down to the ankle. This is a fully hands-on clinic that will involve learning, feeling (in the in-person) and applying our lower body techniques. 

The Upper Body Clinic: (Two Days) Sat 9-5pm / Sun 9-3pm

This is the SECOND part in our live clinics. The focus on this clinic revolves around the spine, shoulders and arms. We address the upper body applications. We will pair and refresh all lower and upper body techniques in this clinic. 

Emotions and Energy Online: (One Day) 9-3pm EST

This one day clinic will cover the deeper understanding into chakras, feelings and emotional effects on the physical body, grounding yourself for sessions, and connecting energetic and emotional slivers to possible physical issues.

Physical Assessments Online: (One Day) 9-3pm EST

This one day clinic will cover active and passive movement assessments that you can preform on and with your client to gauge a better idea of issues. This clinic looks at the physical body and tell signs when it comes to expressions, speech, body language, painful movements, and other sensory inputs and nervous system responses.

Cancellation Policy: If you are unable to attend a clinic you've registered for, that may be transferred to another date and time, or be subject to a partial or full refund. If you already have access to our online educational material (manual/video instructions) you will be able to recieve a 50% refund, as you have been provided full access to all of our materials. If you have not had access to our private library of education then a 100% refund may be available. 


Disclaimer. SRT is based in Emotional, Energetic and Physical realms. It is done with the clients fully clothed and is categorized as "assisted stretching." We do not diagnose or offer medical advice, and as with any form of therapy, all due diligence should be done by the professional before any services offered, which include scope of practice and liability insurance.


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