Our live clinics consist of fully hands-on teaching of the SRT Philosophy and Application of our techniques taught by members of our team of SRT Specialists. 
SRT Philosophy and Background
Online Education - Fascia, Feelings & Nervous System
Basic Anatomy & Fascia Quiz


January 25th (9-5) /26th (9-3) - Pinnacle Fitness, Westport, CT (LOWER BODY)

February 29th / March 1st - Shape 90291, Venice, CA (LOWER BODY)

March 28th / 29th - Beyond Fitness, Livingston, NJ (LOWER BODY)

April 18th (9-5) /19th (9-3)  Active Recovery and Cryotherapy, Houston, TX (LOWER BODY)

May 9th/10th - Pinnacle Fitness, Westport, CT (UPPER BODY)

May 23rd (9-17) /24th (9-17) - Erial Pole, Reykjavik Iceland (FULL BODY)

June 27th (9-5) /28th (9-3) , Desert Sage Wellness, Phoenix, AZ (LOWER BODY)

July 25th (9-5) /26th (9-3) , Integrated Massage & Wellness, Dover, NH (LOWER BODY)

September 5th (9-5) /6th (9-5) - Trinity Physiotherapy, Vancouver, B.C. (LOWER BODY)

October 17th(9-5) /18th (9-3) -  Sage Therapeutics, Plymouth, MI (LOWER BODY)

November TBD(9-5) / (9-3) -  MyoCortex, Miami, FL (LOWER BODY)

The Lower Body Clinic:


This clinic must be attended first in your journey with SRT. The focus on this clinic revolves around the introduction to SRT Philosophies, Tissue Assessment, and applications that involve the hip capsule down to the ankle. This is a fully hands-on clinic that will involve learning, feeling, and applying our lower body techniques. We want to provide as much hands on experience in our clinics because this is what you will be doing in your practice. You can read and review the books, videos and materials in your own time. These clinics are about "feeling" everything.

The Upper Body Clinic:

This is the second part in our live clinics. The focus on this clinic revolves around the spine, shoulders and arms. We address the upper body applications. We will look closer at underlying root emotional connections to the physical ailments as well in these clinics. Finally we will pair and refresh all lower and upper body techniques in actual sessions. All of our SRT applications focus on improving movement, function and performance through intention and intuition paired with physical movements, and to provide a more secure level of safety and comfort for the clients body and system. 

SRT SPECIALIST Title Requirements :

150 hours of hands on SRT sessions, and a final Facetime Walkthrough live session with the completion of both Upper and Lower Body clinics. Both clinics and a total of 150 hours are required before being listed as a certified SRT Specialist to assure quality and sufficient understanding of applications and philosophy..

Disclaimer. SRT is about Emotional, Energetic and Physical Healing. We do not diagnose or offer medical advice. As with any form of therapy, all due diligence should be done by the professional before any service they offer.


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