Welcome to our SRT Academy of Online Education. We will always strive to share our own education, knowledge, and experiences with you all. Our goal in our online course(s) is to be able to connect with you and share SRT Philosophies and Applications anywhere in the world.


We hope you take advantage of all our online offerings to help assist you!

SRT Philosophy and 5 Pillars:

This educational material provides the basic understanding of "what" fascia is. We explore the 5 pillars that pertain to our SRT philosophy which include fascia, neuroplasticity, emotions and feelings, the nervous system, and the belief system. 

(This material is a pre-requisite for a Live Clinic.)


Self Applied SRT Modifications:

This online educational video library is designed to mimic our in person SRT Applications in a self-passive -assisted manner. Most people stretch themselves with an outdated understanding and perform the same stretches repeatedly, forcing thier stretches more aggressively than needed, and completely disregarding joint capsule release work. 

This library contrains self applied techniques using bands and foam rollers to help assist you in a better approach to your self-maintenance recovery work. This is designed for ANYONE and EVERYONE. Not just Trainers and Therapists.


SRT  Video Techniques :

This video library is the online version of our live clinics. We will present you with videos of each SRT application and how to perform them. We also showcase live walkthrough demonstrations refreshing the movements and offering different transitions between techniques. This course will provide you the basic and visual understanding of SRT Applications. We always encourage you to attend a live clinic as well if you are able to, as learning and "feeling" the applications done to your body generates far more understanding in the touch, movement, palpation, and energetic exposure to the applications.


Disclaimer. SRT is based in Emotional, Energetic and Physical realms. It is done with the clients fully clothed and is categorized as "assisted stretching." We do not diagnose or offer medical advice, and as with any form of therapy, all due diligence should be done by the professional before any services offered, which include scope of practice and liability insurance.


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