Welcome to Known also as Soft-stretch Release Techniques, SRT is a unique approach to neuromyofascial release and unwinding of the tissue with a completely gentle, soft, and non-aggressive application. The intentional and primary focus with SRT is on the Nervous System, Fascial System and Lymphatic System. With SRT, our Philosophy is simple, "Hugging Helps Heal" which means that we strive to physically support the body, limbs, and head as much as possible during a therapy session. True healing comes from both ends of the spectrum involving the emotional and energetic connections within the physical body.

Understanding the SRT Philosophy (Five Pillar Foundation) is truly what SRT is all about. These five pillars consists of the Fascial System, Nervous System, Belief System, Feelings and Emotions, and Neuroplasticity. They are all synergistically interconnected and lie at the very basis of our applications and techniques.


Feelings of pain, trauma, distrust, angst, sadness, anger, depression, loneliness and fear will all cause direct issues within the physical body. We call these emotional splinters and it is our intention first and foremost to  replace them with higher vibrational frequencies of love, safety, trust, acceptance, and comfort in order to promote true healing. For this purpose our primary focus in every session is the Nervous system, and the feelings generated through sensory input.

"Hugging" the system generates these positive emotions, thus allowing the physical body to respond in a manner with which it decides, then allowing us to "guide" the body into new ranges of motion, clear nagging restrictions, improve mobility and flexibility, release emotional energy, and so much more. 



Soft-stretch Release Techniques isn't simply about a mechanical approach to the physical body. We believe in continual education of both eastern and western philosophies and how they must work synergistically together to help facilitate "true healing."

Our certification clinics are either weekend 2 day (Lower Body) and 2 day (Upper Body), or depending on location site, 4 day (Full Body) clinics. Each day is a typical 9am-5pm structured day with 95% hands-on learning and practical applications. Upon completion you will receive a certificate of completion for each class, and will be known as an SRT Professional.

SRT Specialist Requirements are as follows for those who want to become a Specialist with us.

1. Completion of both Lower and Upper Body certifications with an additional 200 hours of application.


2. Completion of the SRT Self-Study (Philosophy and Emotions-Energy material.)


3. Completion of a Final Walkthrough session via Zoom (or in person) with an Educator.

Once this criteria is met and satisfied you will be awarded the Title of SRT SPECIALIST.

Find a certification clinic in the United States or Iceland.

Clinic dates, locations, and 2 or 4 day options will be listed as per hosting locations.




Ashly Wenzel and Chris Kalisz are both Healers and Neuromyofascial Specialists who have both had numerous physical injuries and chronic pain that led them to seek a deeper understanding of the mechanical body and how it interacts with the energetic and emotional bodies.


Through their own journey to pain relief and internal healing, they have infused eastern and western modalities with a far softer and more gentle approach. SRT Therapy revolves around "listening to the body" and "hugging the emotional and physical systems" in order for true healing to occur. 

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