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SRT Registration and Refund Policy

Our registration policy constitutes that all payments must be made prior to the clinic you will be attending, if you are using our payment plan option.

If you have made a payment for class in full and are not able to attend the original class, your payment will be credited to any other class that you would be able to attend in the future.


Another option would be to use the payment toward our Online Certification and to pay the remaining difference. (f you have paid for a full clinic you would be refunded the difference between the Online and Full Body in person course.) 


As per our business model of traveling and hosting clinics, it comes with travel and lodging expenses that are required expenses in which we pay out from participants fee's, who have registered and reserved one of the limited spots that we offer. Once we have booked our flights, car and hotel accommodations for a specified clinic, refunds will not be made available. This is part of our business and our policy in order for us to travel and teach. You will be able to transfer your payment to another clinic of your choosing or toward our online certification if you are unable to make a live clinic elsewhere.

Absolutely NO refunds will be given within 5 weeks of a scheduled class, as our arrangements will have already been made for that clinic.

We sincerely appreciate your understanding and professionalism in respecting our business policies and our personal time, as much as we respect yours and strive to provide you the most convenient options for clinics and offer the highest quality of teaching and sharing SRT Therapy.



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