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SRT Owner and Educator

Approved Continuing Education Provider


Corrective Movement Specialist

Specialist in Exercise Therapy

NeuroMyofascial Specialist

Lymphatic Drainage

Holy Fire Reiki and Energy Practitioner

Certified Personal Trainer


My name is Chris Kalisz and I have been in the health and wellness industry since 2007, working as a Personal Trainer, Specialist in Exercise Therapy and NeuroMyofascial Specialist throughout this journey. After 11 years as a Professional Wrestler and suffering some personal injuries in 2013/14, I began my journey toward movement therapy. Over 15 years of working in fitness and rehab I have infused a variety of modalities that I have been trained in with my personal clients that includes Reiki, MAT, MET, Fascial Stretching, Cupping Theraps, Hot Stones and SRT.


As I have overcome my own injuries and obstacles physically, emotionally and energetically I have dived into the interconnectivity of the Nervous, Fascial, Lymphatic and Belief systems as it pertains to true healing. This is the premise and philosophies that SRT has been built upon. Understanding The 4 primary systems that SRT Therapy focuses on intentionally, will change the way you "Stretch" and view the body as more than simply a mechanical operating system.

Honored to have been featured as 1 of the Top 5 Fitness Professionals in 2022!

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SRT Educator

Fascial Stretch Specialist

Thai Massage Certified 

AFAA Certified Trainer

Air Force Veteran


After serving 26 years in the Air Force, I retired and wanted to do something totally different from the military but wasn’t quite sure of what that was. My wife was still on active duty at the time and in 2014, she received orders for us to go to Okinawa, Japan, for 3 years. During our second year in Japan, I earned my AFAA certifications as a group exercise and personal fitness trainer. During our last year in Japan, I earned my Nuad Bo Rarn Thai Massage certification, Levels 1 and 2, thru the International Training Massage (ITM) School.


Ater returning to the states, at an event on Dover Air Force Base, I received my first partner assisted proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF) hamstring stretch from a guy named Evans from CNUfit.  Suffice to say that after three 5-second holds of PNF, my backache was gone.


In 2019, I started off as a client of Stretchworkz and soon after, hired on as a stretch pro independent contractor for Stretchworkz in Golds Gym Crofton. In June 2021, I attended the lower body SRT certification course and after Stretchworkz decided to shut down business in the gym locations in August 2021, I started my own business and earned my full body SRT specialist certification in October 2021. SRT has been and continues to be a real game changer for bodyworkers and their clients and I am honored to be on the SRT team as the first Official SRT Educator awarded in the US!

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