Our Team consists of Specialists who have an extensive background in a variety of modalities that each one of them brings their own unique and loving approach to the SRT application. Please feel free to follow us on our social media platforms as well and reach out to any of us at anytime! 
- Namaste


Movement Therapist, Personal Trainer,
Specialist in Exercise Therapy,
NeuroMyofascial Specialist,
Holy Fire Reiki Practitioner,
SRT Co-Founder

Hi! My name is Chris Kalisz and I have been in the health and wellness industry for 11 years working as a Personal Trainer, Specialist in Exercise Therapy and NeuroMyofascial Specialist. After 11 years as a Professional Wrestler and suffering some bad injuries in 2013, I began my journey toward movement therapy. 11 years of working in fitness and rehab I have infused a variety of modalities that I have been trained in to use in my personal practice including Reiki, MAT, Muscle Testing, Fascial Stretch Therapy and SRT.


The underlying principle "Hugging Helps Heal" is how we approach SRT in the context of creating a genuine energetic and emotional connection with the client's systems, allowing the body and the conscious mind to relax once it feel safe and secure.  In order to rebalance and reprogram the body, we must look at both the emotional and energetic piece with the physical piece.  SRT has given me some of the best results over the years and now I'd like to share our philosophy and applications with all of you!


NeuroMyofascial Specialist, 
Reiki, Crainiosacral Therapy, 
Pilates Teacher, VOILA Practitioner,
SRT Co-Founder

Hi! My name is Ashly Wenzel.  I lived with debilitating pain, injuries, and feeling lost for years. I am grateful beyond words to now live  in harmony with my body and spirit. With my entire heart, my life mission is helping others to alleviate pain,  enhance movement, understand their bodies, and find hope with healing. I intend to share and give all I have  learned that helped me heal myself so others can find healing and harmony in their lives. I was a national  champion synchronized swimmer and triathlete. With a lifelong desire to help others and a fascination with  anatomy and physiology, I earned a Bachelor of Science in Biology: Pre-Med from Grand Canyon University.  Shortly after graduation in 2011, I was hit by a truck while riding my triathlon racing bike.


Years of surgery,  rehab, and pain changed my life perspective and career path completely. Pilates helped me to move, understand,  and appreciate my body again and I became a PMA Certified Pilates Teacher in 2013. I specialize in Pilates for  pain and rehab. I became a NeuroMyoFascia Therapy Specialist and have been teaching fascia therapy courses  since 2016. Along with SRT Therapy, I blend healing modalities such as Reiki and Craniosacral for my private  clients. SRT comes from our heart and we are so grateful to share this loving work with you.  

Hafdís Kristjánsdóttir

Iceland / International Team
Personal Trainer,
SRT Specialist, Icelandic Fitness Champion
Owner of Virago

Hi! I'm Hafdís , owner of Virago in Reykjavik, Iceland, Personal Trainer and Neuromyofascial Stretching Specialist with SRT.


South West Team
Pilates Teacher,
Reiki, VOILA Practitioner,
Neuromyofascial Specialist

Hi! My name is Teresa and I'm part owner of Tricore Group Fitness in Phoenix, Arizona. I'm also the creator of the body positive fitness blog

I use a variety of modalities like functional strength training, Pilates, SRT therapy, and the VOILA method to discover my client's true potential and to dismantle their limiting beliefs about their bodies. I'm a huge believer that pain comes from the intermingling of the body, mind, and soul. In order to heal from the inside out, we have to establish self-love and body respect.

Therefor, I am passionate about helping others to find their "inner lion" by having the courage to seek healing and feel empowered and at-home in their bodies. My journey through over-exercising and disordered eating lead me to healing from the inside-out using Pilates, various forms of bodywork, and Eastern healing methods. Through healing myself, I've learned to heal others. I'm proud to be a part of the growing SRT family and teaching team, and I can't wait to meet you!


North East Team
B.S. Sports Med and Athletic Training
Intuitive Movement Specialist, 
Holy Fire Reiki Practitioner
Corrective Exercise Specialist
Personal Trainer

Hi! My name is Jillian and I am the owner of Collective Energies Fitness. I am also the creator of Between The Racks, a blog devoted to mental, physical and spiritual strength.


After studying Sports Medicine and Athletic Training at Norwich University, I fell in love with applying knowledge of healing and unique perspective of the human body to the world of personal training. 11 years after my personal training career began, I was given the amazing opportunity to educate future personal trainers. This gift allowed me the ability to broaden my view of the body, and inspired my true passion of healing and uncovering buried strengths. 

Using my intuition, education and experience I am guided to offer my clients individualized care specific to their unique needs using a variety of modalities. Whether your goal is pain management, increased mobility, corrective movement, better performance or just a desire to feel good, I look forward to helping you unlock the next step of your journey.

Disclaimer. SRT is based in Emotional, Energetic and Physical realms. It is done with the clients fully clothed and is categorized as "assisted stretching." We do not diagnose or offer medical advice, and as with any form of therapy, all due diligence should be done by the professional before any services offered, which include scope of practice and liability insurance.


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