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SRTtherapy, Known also as Soft-stretch Release Techniques, SRT is a unique approach to neuromyofascial release and unwinding of the tissue with a completely gentle, soft, and non-aggressive application. Our 4S philosophy provides intentional focus on Soft, Slow, Safe Support as we focus directly on and with the 4 Primary Systems.

The Nervous System. The Fascial System. The Lymphatic System. The Belief System.

By working with your external senses, touch is one of the most important for installing new sensory data into your nervous system. Your nervous system works directly with your fascia and muscular systems. When the nervous system is upregulated, traumatized, or locked into a cycle of trauma and fear, aggressive muscular and skeletal modalities may never help. It is only by intentionally disarming and working with, not against, the nervous system that we can make true healing more accessible. 

Focus on the Fascial System is directly connected to the muscles, bones, nerves, and other systems within the body. Fascial restrictions and limitations may cause nerve pain or other chronic issues throughout your muscles and other systems as well. Our primary focus is on these main systems and has proven effective for so many people suffering from physical and emotional abuse, chronic pain, nervous system disorders, fibromyalgia, and even autoimmune issues as we bring lymphatic work into the mix.

SRT has been referred to as the "Regressive Progression" and the "Next Level" of Stretch Therapy, as it does not simply look at muscular flexibility, but joint mobility and nervous system defense, paired with lymphatic facilitation.

Join us live or online with our Educational Academy to become certified in SRT Therapy today!


All SRT Courses through Chris Kalisz provide USA and CANADA ceu for...

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Bring the power of SRT Therapy into your private practice for clients and patients across the globe with immediate access to our Online Academy. Take our Full Certifications to become an SRT Professional or get a Jumpstart to wet your feet with a combination of various techniques. (Online Courses are NOT ceu approved)


We love to collaborate with Professionals who are interested in bringing SRT Therapy into their business and practice. We only have a few requirements that need to be considered when booking a live clinic with us.

HOSTING LOCATION: a private studio either inside of an office, or gym or health center that would fit between 3 - 8 massage / stretch therapy tables. (1 table per 2 people.)

PARTICIPANTS: A minimum of 6 participants is required with a max of 16. 

ADVERTISING: Once a location is secured, if the hosting site is open to public participants, we will also promote and run social ads in the area to promote the event to the public for additional signup interest. If the class is for exclusive in house training then the minimum of 6 must be met or a flat fee can be discussed.

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