SRT Therapy, known also as Soft-stretch Release Techniques, is a unique approach to neuromyofascial release and unwinding of the tissue with a completely gentle, soft, and non-aggressive application. With SRT, our Philosophy is simple, "Hugging Helps Heal" which means that we strive to physically support the body, limbs, and head as much as possible during a therapy session. True healing comes from both ends of the spectrum involving the emotional and energetic connections within the physical body.

Understanding the SRT Philosophy (Five Pillar Foundation) is truly what SRT is all about. These firve pillars consists of the Fascial System, Nervous System, Belief System, Feelings and Emotions, and Neuroplasticity. They are all synergistically interconnected and lay at the very basis of our applications and techniques.


Feelings of pain, trauma, distrust, angst, sadness, anger, depression, loneliness and fear will all cause direct issues within the physical body. We call these emotional splinters and strive to  replace them with higher vibrational frequencies of love, safety, trust, acceptance, and comfort to promote true healing.

We are able to do this through true intention that we bring into the physical applications while understanding the philosophy. "Hugging" the system generates these positive emotions, thus allowing the physical body to respond and then allowing us to guide the body into new ranges of motion, clear nagging restrictions, improve mobility and flexibility, release emotional energy, and so much more. 

We share the unique approach to applying these techniques while learning how to bring your intention into the application and removing expectation and ego from your process.


In the ever-evolving world of health and healing, there are more people than ever who are breaking down, suffering from restricted movements, experiencing overwhelming levels of emotional and energetic traumas, and living life in chronic pain. Currently there are an estimated 1.5 Billion people living in chronic pain world-wide.

If you resonate with how SRT Therapy approaches the understanding of soft and gentle movement therapy in order to address pain and begin the process of true healing, then we look forward to welcoming you into the SRT community as we support and encourage you to become an SRT Specialist.






Co-Founder, SRT Educator

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Co-Founder, SRT Educator

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Disclaimer. SRT is based in Emotional, Energetic and Physical realms. It is done with the clients fully clothed and is categorized as "assisted stretching." We do not diagnose or offer medical advice, and as with any form of therapy, all due diligence should be done by the professional before any services offered, which include scope of practice and liability insurance.


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