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Where Does True Healing Start?

Where Does True Healing Start?

In our modern world of health, fitness and wellness, it seems that we continue to dive deeper and deeper into specialization. We have specialists for everything today. Eye specialists, foot specialists, hand specialists, and at the rate we are going we will have a left arm specialist, or a ring finger specialist. Now, this might sound funny and ridiculous, while also sounding sensical and logical. It only makes sense as we learn more about the complexities of the human body that we need to specialize more.

On the other hand, specializing seems to continue to separate us further and further from the whole, and while someone might need a foot specialist, isn’t our main goal suppose to be returning our body back to it’s functioning perfect whole? We seem to be caught in a dilemma as we continue to break and dissect the body systems apart more and more, we are also making it more difficult to remain as a whole.

The one constant is that everything is energy. We have even broken the body down to the most cellular level to realize that it is energy. We are energy. The physical body’s roots are energetic. So, the problem that I seem to be concerned with is this. If we are only specializing, then we are not generalizing anymore. We are actually further away from correcting the whole, because while a professional might specialize in chiropractic care, or massage therapy, or Physical Therapy, we know that every single system in the body works together.

Healing comes from within us, at a cellular and energetic level. When we begin to understand this important fact we can begin a better healing process for both emotional and physical trauma. Think about this for a minute now. When you cut yourself, what happens? You put some ointemt on and a band-aid maybe, and it heals. Did the band-aid or the ointment actually heal your cut, or would it still have healed without the guidance? Your body still would have healed, it knows how to heal itself of course internally.

What happens when we break a bone? It’s reset and casted. But how does it actually heal? From the inside at a cellular and energetic level. The physical stuff is a guide to help facilitate quicker healing, but the body heals itself. There is a reason that all modalities exist, but one should realize that the most important therapy one can do is meditation. Meditation is for you, to promote quiet in the mind and to hear and listen to your body internally. Pairing your work with that of other health professionals helped to increase the healing and recovery time. You do have to be apart of this process though!

The personal techniques that I use in my Therapeutic Recovery sessions all help to promote the bodies innate ability to heal itself, by replacing the trapped negative emotional energies with safety, trust, and love. My work infuses the energy and emotional work from Reiki and Gua Sha to physical applications of SRT and Fascial Stretching techniques that promote and encourage the bodies physical release by using intention in the techniques to help down-regulate the nervous system from sympathetic to parasympathetic and unwind the fascial webbing around joint capsules.

For more information about SRT therapy you can contact me personally to book any sessions, Chris Kalisz, and email , or you can visit our website,, to learn more about becoming certified or to find a Specialist in your area.

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