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Soft Therapy vs. Aggressive Therapy

Updated: Jan 9, 2023

One of the biggest misconceptions in the mainstream world of therapy is that the body simply functions and operates as a mechanical entity. In the "science" based community among doctors and mainstream professionals, the claim to physical therapy is just that, "physical" or mechanical.

The physical body is far more complex than our science community even understands. This unfortunately creates a major disconnect between therapies and understanding of true healing versus "fixing." The body has an innate and intuitive ability built into its design by the creator to heal itself. It is an organic living organism in which thoughts, feelings, energy, emotions, vibrations and frequencies all affect the physiological systems of this body.

When we consider aggressive therapy, we tend to have complete disregard for "How" this makes the Nervous System feel. There is a massive neglect to "How" you will receive and process this aggressive therapy. It has become lost in the understanding that all physiological responses come from energetic and vibrational frequencies that are being downloaded into your system 24-7. The Peripheral and Central Nervous System is your electrical operating system that are constantly downloading and reacting to sensory input from external sources through your 5 main senses of touch, taste, sight, smell and sound.

When you consider how you feel mentally and physically in regards to situation, you will notice that certain things make you feel worse, while certain things make you feel better. You will notice that some therapists, or doctors, have a horrible bedside manner and make you feel defensive, guarded and protective. This feeling activates your nervous system into fight or flight, which activates your hormonal response and your muscular response.

When you feel safe or secure with someone, then you will be more trusting and relaxed. The physical body has to respond to the emotional and energetic component of the experience. Please take a few minutes to watch more over at our youtube channel for SRT Therapy.

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