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Updated: Jan 7, 2023

Whether you've followed SRT since the inception in 2019 or you are new to SRT Therapy, allow us to reintroduce ourselves and our company.

Soft-Stretch Release Techniques is a unique and intentional approach to healing from an emotional, energetic and physical standpoint. This is accomplished through working directly with the 4 primary systems of SRT. These 4 systems translate and connect heavily with the other systems in the body but working directly with them on an intentional level is effectively profound for many people.


  1. Nervous System - this is the 1st system, the primary primary system, that SRT looks to work with. It's understood that all 5 senses are constantly downloading sensory data into the nervous system through all experiences one has. So, with this understanding it is our focus to help "install" new sensory input through our soft and slow touch. The soft touch affects the Nevrous, Fascial and Lymphatic systems all directly.

2. Fascial System - this is the 2nd system that holds main focus, and is tied directly to the

Nervous system as the nerves run to the skin, fascia, muscles and organs. Its's our goal

to view the pain and restrictions from a fascial line standpoint vs. a muscular specific

one. If the Nervous system is the operating command station, the fascia is the

spiderweb of the human body, weaving its way over, through and into the bones,

tendons, muscles, nerves organs and even blood.

3. Lymphatic System - our 3rd system, which can be shifted to the 1st or 2nd when it comes

to intentional focus. The lymphatic system ties directly into your cardiovascular and

immune systems. When we facilitate fascial freedom we help to increase blood and

lymphatic flow as well. The soft touch stimulates the superficial lymph nodes and

assists in lymph flow. If we look intentionally at this system, we will change the direction

of our fascial glides in the techniques to steer directly into the lymphatic system as the


4. Belief System - this is actually the operating system that creates reality for each person.

The beliefs and perspectives that one holds is in fact the world that is created, and the

identity that the identify with. This is a major player in the Chronic Pain Cycle, usually to

the detriment of the client, especially if the identity is so strong that they refuse to

entertain other points of views and perspectives.

SRT Therapy holds these four systems in the forefront of all applications and understanding when working with clients. These systems all work together and also connect and lead us into the muscular, skeletal, immune and energy systems in the body secondarily.

If you are interested in learning more about SRT Therapy, you can follow us on Youtube @Srttherapy and Instagram @Srt_therapy.

If you are interested in becoming a certified SRT Professional or SRT Specialist, you can join us in any of our Live classes listed on our website, or you can enroll into our Online SRT Academy where you will have access to all our educational materials, instructional videos, walkthroughs and more to study at your own pace anywhere in the world.

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