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A New Approach to Physical Healing

A new approach to Physical Healing and Function.

In today’s fast-paced and ever-evolving world of health, fitness and wellness, we are learning more and more about how the body works, and what works for the body. I’ve been a Personal Trainer and Specialist in Exercise Therapy for over a decade now, moving more recently into movement therapy and fascial stretching aspects for recovery. As I continue to evolve and expand my own understanding of health and wellness, I have co-founded what is known as SRT Therapy, or Soft-Stretch Release Techniques.

SRT Therapy is based on the philosophy that “Hugging Helps Heal.” What this means in a therapeutic technical sense is that when the body experiences the true genuine feeling of a hug, or a level of security, it experiences a feeling of safety and of a relaxation in the nervous system. SRT is a completely gentle, soft and non-aggressive approach to Neuromyofascial relaxation.

Have you ever wondered why some people respond better to certain treatments and therapies than others do? Or, perhaps you, yourself, have experienced a physical issue that may have been treated in a more aggressive manner, and left you feeling worse, or maybe a little better, but not like you had hoped for. This is far more common in today’s world because of protocol.

Now, when I say protocol I’m referring to the methods and actions that treatment and therapies are provided to client’s as a collective, versus as truly individual therapy. Protocol means that we have formed a standard guideline and assumption on research that this approach works “most” of the time. Most of the time sounds good, unless you happen to be one of those people that it doesn’t work for.

Then what happens?

SRT philosophy understands that all things that are visible start invisible. This means that all visible physical symptoms and issues have their underlying roots in the emotional and energetic realms. The physical body will always reflect the emotional state. It can be no other way due to the laws of universe. So, as SRT applies gentle physical techniques to help address physical pains, restrictions or weakness, we do so with the intention of healing energy.

Intention is a foundational component of true healing. SRT strives to not only listen to your body, but to actually hear what your body is feeling and asking for. Stretches and movements should never hurt or be forced. The body is an ingenious machine and “It” knows how to heal itself and what it wants. When we simply listen to the body, and allow it to feel safe, the nervous system shifts into the parasympathetic state of relaxation.

Relaxation equals release in tension throughout the tissues and muscles in the body.

Once this happens, we are able to simply “guide” your body into new positions, unlocking areas of restrictions and tightness that might be causing pain. We never force or dictate our will onto your body. There is no protocol other than removing ego from the equation and leaving all assumptions at the door. Your issues, symptoms and pain are individual to you. Every session with SRT is individual based on what your body is requesting in that specific moment.

There are two ends of the spectrum when it comes to healing. One end is physical and the other is energetic. One thought process is for deep and aggressive work, forcing the body to respond, while the other perspective is gentle, soft and loving care in which we guide and listen. Every modality exists with a purpose, and both ends of the spectrum are connected by everything in between. It is simply a matter of hearing and listening to what your personal body is needing and asking for.

For more information about SRT therapy you can contact me personally, Chris Kalisz, at , and you can visit our website,, to learn more about becoming certified, or to find an SRT Professional in your area.

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