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Loneliness and Physical Effects

Today, we are in a technological era of interconnectedness. Literally, we can be connected everywhere through the use of hundreds of social media outlets and our phones, I-pads, computers, etc. The problem that stems from this mass social connection however, is the fact that people are suffering from loneliness more than ever.

People tend to use social media to share the appearance of a wonderful upbeat life while they silently feel the opposite. It has become a show of sorts that allows people to pretend and create an image that they want others to see. This is one of the problems, pretending everything is better than it is.

The other side to this, are the people who post only “whoa is me” posts and want the connection for people to comment and sympathize with their ongoing problems. This creates a victim mentality and eventually will isolate you further because people will simply distance themselves from your negativity.

So, what is the key to becoming less lonely?

1. For starters get out into the public more, whether that’s the grocery store, the gym, or even the mall. Begin to engage with people in a face to face environment, by smiling or offering a compliment to someone. You would be surprised at how many other people would love to have a conversation but don’t interact with others either.

2. Begin solo mediation work, or better yet find a group meditation or spiritual gathering practice. Chi Gong, Tai Chi, Mindful Meditation groups are all around I’m sure. Research meet ups online in your area.

3. Begin Red Light Therapy. We are constantly bombarded by blue light rays that our cells literally crave red light therapy. This will help to heal at a mitochondrial level and is great for brain functioning and emotional healing.

4. Simply unplug and connect to nature more. Go for a walk on the beach or a hike in the woods. Watch the animals, and embrace the solitude yet invitation that mother earth is always offering us. Reground yourself to the earth by walking barefoot in the sand, dirt or grass.

5. Hire a personal trainer or therapist to work with. Professional help is always available and simply working with someone who’s main goal is to help you personally can mean the world of difference. The only thing with this one is that you “must” do the homework that your professional is recommending. Don’t use them as a crutch or a rent-a-friend.

Physical Effects

1. An energy decrease

2. Feelings of fogginess and lack of mental focus

3. Insomnia and interrupted sleep patterns

4. Loss of appetite

5. Muscle and body soreness, chest pains at the heart chakra

6. Increased levels of cortisol

7. Weakened immune system and function

8. Actual body temperature drop and feeling cold (craving baths, hot showers, and hot drinks.)

It is a common occurrence to experience feelings of loneliness in your life. It is an emotional feeling and it is accessed and shared by everyone. If you learn to understand that you don’t own these feelings, and you are simply renting them for a short while, you can better help yourself to detach when you are ready to.

Return the feeling back into the consciousness and stop trying to hold on to it. It’s not yours to hold on to, and remember, you are not the only person who is going through this experience right now. But, it is partly your responsibility has to how long you choose to remain in the experience for yourself.

So, let it go, release yourself of the attachment and allow the next emotional experiences to visit you.

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