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Nerves vs. Muscles

One of the most important parts to SRT Therapy is not focusing specifically on the muscular system, but instead primarily working on the affecting the Nervous System. We know that the nervous system directly affects the muscles.

One of the biggest parts of providing healing to the physical body is not by forcing the muscles into submission, but rather installing new data into the nervous sytem in order to provide new experiences and new responses that will help the muscles, especially in terms of chronic aches and pains.

Through the use of gentle and soft touch SRT Therapy will work to provide a calming and relaxing effect for the nervous system. It also is directly tied to the emotional body and how the transfernce of feelings and emotions occur through touch of the professional.

Traumas and unpleasant experiences that a client may have gone through at any point in their life can be stored into the nervous system. The memory of events and the feelings and energy become trapped in time and tissue. The ability to create a safe space for healing through soft touch is absolutely imperative for the systems to begin to release and relinquish trapped emotioal energy.

If you're constantly looking at trying to fix or dig into the muscles and you arent getting solid or longer lasting results, it might be time to start looking at your touch, intention and the nervous system first.

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