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Physical & Emotional Trauma Intertwined


As we take a closer look at the connections between the physical body and the energetic bodies, we cannot neglect the fact that these systems are always working synergistically. If we take a look at certain situations when it comes to physical therapy, we will notice that no matter what type of therapy or techniques might be applied to a client or patient, there is almost always a protocol that has been issued for a certain injury or issue. While a lot of people do respond to physical therapy and focused physical applications, there are cases and situations where clients and patients just simply do not respond to learned and applied protocol. “Why could this be the case?” one might ask themselves. “It worked for these other people, so why isn’t it working for me?”

The answer, in short, to this question is that you are not the other people, and the other people are not you. Your personal past health history, experiences, injuries, and issues all come into play. Protocol does not take into account any of the emotional and energetic connections as to why you may be experiencing physical pain and trauma. Protocol may work for some people, but for many others it just simply does not touch on underlying Root Causes of energy or emotional experiences.

This takes us back into the ideology of “What we think of ourselves is what we become.”

Our human brain is hardwired like the most sophisticated computer that you could imagine. From the moment we enter this world as an infant, we are in a constant and continuous state of “downloading” information. How we acquire this information is very simple to understand. It is through our senses and experiences. The senses of touch, sight, sound, scent, and taste are the very keys to downloading information into the human brain. These downloads literally “program” us into who we become, or more importantly, into who others think we should become.

Your senses are gathering data around the clock for your entire life. Think of your senses as the antivirus software that is always running in the background of your computer, whether it is turned on or off. It’s always running and monitoring. We have briefly discussed that an infant cannot live without touch, however we do understand that an infant can live and function perfectly fine with the loss of sight, hearing, taste, or smell. It is gradually becoming less and less common to express a true heartfelt and genuine connection through hugging.

Touch is literally the one sense that we need in order to survive human life.

Now, experiences are another key factor that we must also address because an experience is not materialistic by nature. What an experience does is create and generate thoughts and feelings. If we have a positive experience, we would feel happiness, joy, excitement, satisfaction, and so on. These feelings and thoughts help to create our physical conditions of ease or dis-ease from an energetic level. If someone is feeling lonely, scared, sad, unsupported, fearful, and so on, their body will display their feelings. You have heard the phrase, “Wear your heart on your sleeve.” It’s far more than a metaphor, it means that what we feel and think is what we show to the physical world. So, feeling lonely or scared may result in physical displays of jumpiness, slouching posture, heavy breathing, skiddish or nervousness, twitching, and more actual physical manifestations.

If you have ever been around someone who is emotionally depressed, you can almost instantly feel and sense their depression. We can “feel” the low vibrational frequency from these negative emotions, and it becomes very tangible, even if we can’t physically touch depression. We know it’s real, because we experience the feeling of it in our energetic body.

When you hug someone who is sad or hurt, you can “feel” their pain and anguish. You might feel sad for them or you might be feeling their own sadness, as well, because we are all part of a one consciousness. What one of us experiences, we all experience. Don’t believe me? I can guarantee you that every single human being on this planet, at this very moment has “felt and experienced” joy, sorrow, loneliness, jealousy, anger, happiness, fear, anguish, heartache, depression, sadness, and the list goes on until every single emotion has been stated.

As we look at the puzzle from this perspective, we approach the topic of, “Are these emotions even mine to claim?” Well, are they? What do you think? Is the beautiful sunny day outside yours to claim? Does no one else in the world experience this sunshine? Or, is the rainy, cloudy day yours to own, because you're feeling depressed, and so you think the weather is matching your mood? Emotions are in fact like the weather. Everyone experiences the weather and everyone experiences emotions. It’s not sunny out because you’re happy, and it's not rainy because you’re sad, instead it is simply sunny or rainy because it is the weather.

Here is the disconnect though for human beings and the wonderful brain. Not the mind, but the brain and the ego. When we have sunny days, we love it and feel happier, more vibrant, and uplifted. So, logically we want the sun to stay. Some of us never want it to rain or snow, because we love the feeling the sunshine brings. If the sun stayed out forever though, it would blind the world, destroy the plants, and dry up the oceans. There would be no balance. This is a reason why life in the dessert is nearly impossible to begin with, but imagine life in the desert where the sun never sets.

The same goes for rain and clouds. The entire earth needs rain and water to live, water is life. If it rained non-stop, however, we would drown and the plants would die, there would be no balance. What I want you to begin understanding is that balance is life and life is balance. Life without balance is truly death. Therefore, emotions work like the weather and must be maintained with balance in accordance to our inner growth.

Without sadness, one would never truly understand and appreciate the beauty of happiness as an experience. Without fear, one would never know the feeling of bravery. Without jealousy, one would not understand trust. The sun has the moon, the ground has the sky, left has right, white has black, and so on. Our emotions have opposites, as well. They exist for a reason and a purpose, but they are not yours to possess. They are yours to acknowledge, to experience, and to learn from and then to release and let go of.

The way that we approach the healing process is through soft touch, soft healing, soft stretching, soft energy, and soft hugging. As we attempt to provide true healing to our clients, we must look at all of these connections. We must always look at maintaining the balance, and helping our clients to understand where their potential root causes are intertwining with their physical manifestations.

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