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The Emotional Experience

Updated: Jan 7, 2023

One of the biggest pieces that western therapy has neglected is the emotional experience and the direct impact that has on the physical body. There are a lot of therapists and professionals who discuss the connections to the emotional body and the energy, but in their individual practice they completely disregard this important piece.

Thermography charts have been created from specific studies that strive to display the physical connection between the emotional experience and the results have been pretty solid.

For each emotion there are specific body parts in which activity becomes stronger or faster while other parts become weaker or slower. As you can see with sadness the limbs tend to become colder and thernal activity slows. This could actually be understood as to why people say that sadness and depression are cold feelings. Or, how when you're sad you "feel blue."

Understanding how the importance of emotional and energetic connections affect the physical body body directly is important to truly assisting in the healing process. If emotional slivers are stored in the body, or feelings become trapped, they will constantly have an underlying physical effect, no matter how much physical therapy is applied.

So we encourage you to look beyond just the physical and to explore the connections between the triforce of physical-emotional-energetic to really begin helping in the healing process.

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