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Emotional Energy Manifests Physically

A key point that I would like to essentially make is that some therapies completely focus on the physical body and the physical pain, while other therapies, such as reiki and energy work, focus on the energetic bodies and emotional trauma. To most people, what makes sense is what they can comprehend easiest. A muscle connects to a bone, the muscle moves the bone, and the muscle is in pain so we need to focus on the physical muscle.

A lot of people might struggle with the energetic piece, where a negative experience in your life might have caused a horrible sadness, anger or resentment. Now we can’t physically touch this type of perceived pain, can we? If you hurt your elbow you might grab it and put pressure on it physically with your other hand. You can actually touch it and feel it. But what happens when your feelings get hurt, or when you have a negative experience that causes emotional pain. You can’t hold your sadness in your physical hands, can you? You can’t hold your anger or your broken heart, and yet you know that there is actual pain that you feel physically associated with these "feelings."

The physical body experiences the physical pain, but the astral energetic body experiences and processes our emotions and feelings. So the question that I always pose to clients is this, “How can you refuse to believe in energy systems in the body when you have most certainly experienced pain, happiness, sorrow, joy, jealousy, ecstasy, and more emotions than we could probably list?” We all have experienced feelings, and from these feelings we have experienced direct physical experiences.

For someone new to accept energy and physical systems as intertwining, I ask, “Have you ever experienced a broken heart or nervous butterflies?” Everyone immediately reflects on a memory and I asked where in their body they felt it. It is called a broken heart because the chest literally feels broken. The ribs, lungs, and the heart itself can be in physical pain from an emotional experience. As for the nervous butterflies, the fluttering sensation is felt in our bellies. Why don’t we feel that in our brain if it is simply a mental experience? Because our physical body houses our emotions and memories.

Our human brain has a hard time logically understanding the unseen experiences of consciousness. Yet, the important part of this is that we do know and understand that they exist.

These bodies are tied together, always and forever. There is no disputing that. Science has also proven that everything, every single thing, from a rock, to a tree, to our own bodies are made up of energy. Science proves that energy can never be created or destroyed, but it can be transferred. The most notable and logical explanation is how water (a liquid) can turn into ice (a solid) and can then evaporate into a gas.

So keeping with this basic understanding of energy transfer, wouldn’t it be easier to understand that when we experience negative feelings that hurt us internally in the astral body, through suppression and trying to push them down or ignore them, this astral energy is transferred to physical energy and causes us to experience physical pain in the physical body. It’s been transferred from one state to another.

This transfer is always working and it is a two-way street. An example of this is perhaps the feeling of being stabbed in the back or betrayed. Your best friend lied about you to another friend and you found out. This will cause feelings of hurt, disappointment, anger , sadness, and probably a few others. A physical action and experience can also be transferred into an emotion or feeling in the energetic body.

Attend our SRT clinics to learn more about our philosophies and applications for your own practice. We look forward to meeting you and sharing our community with you.

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